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MyCureHope is a central location made to help patients worldwide get important information related to their illness. This includes approved treatments, specialized doctors and hospitals, available clinical trials, new breakthrough research, unconventional treatment alternatives, and charity organizations that may help them. It is also a place to find professional service providers who assist international or long distance travelling for patients to get their treatment. Patients may talk and share their own experiences in the community forum hosted here.

Global healthcare providers may also find the most recent information here, as well as being able to link up with other professionals or peers.

All information found here is publicly available and nonconfidential in its original source, yet difficult to obtain.
All information presented here is unmodified from its original source.

NOTE: Some functions are still under construction. If you have any questions or comments, please contact mark.shi@mycurehope.org. Thank you.


Take Control Over Your Fate
Learn about possible treatments from the most common to the deadliest diseases. Be informed of possible treatments and procedures before consulting medical specialists in person. All information comes from accredited sources throughout North America and Europe.
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NOTE: Diagnosis is not a focus here. Please obtain a diagnosis from a medical professional before seeking further treatment.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Use the Future of Medicine
Participate in studies on new drug developments. Benefit your own health and help in the advancement of new treatments. Recommended if current treatments are inaccessible or inefficient.
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Doctors & Hospitals

Be Treated by the Best
Getting the right treatment starts with knowing the right expert. Obtain information of top-rated doctors and hospitals from around the United States, and other countries in the future. Filter doctors, hospitals or clinics by specialties or location to find the one that best suits you.
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Doctors & Hospitals



Get the Help You Need
Finding the right organization to support you is essential for recovery. Access contact information of various charities, currated to your individual position and status. Obtain assistance, whether that be monetary, logistical, or emotional.
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Adopt the Standard
Obtain the latest blueprints for complicated procedures and treatments. Learn about the processes used universally throughout the most advanced medical countries.
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NOTE: This information is directed towards medical professionals.